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In memory of our fellow classmates who have passed away.

Jerome Michael Cooley
Michael David Cox, Jr.
Gary Flake
Mike Gonzalez - Spring 2004 (Cancer)
Christopher E. Pope
Joe Michael Soto
Thomas Williamson
Raymond Wilms
Kenneth Wayne Wright
Johnny Mester - 2003 (Heart Attack)
Richard L. Davila 01/11/2002
Terri Denise White '80 - July 1985
Jeff "Bo" Crumedy '81 - July 2005
Gwen Boynton, Nov. 2005, Brigade Sponsor
James "Jimmy" Marsden, Nov. 2005, Rogers/Highlands Coach



If you know of or would like to add a classmate that has passed away to this page, e-mail the info (name and date passed away (if possible) to williamlee@highlandsowls.com

San Antonio, Texas