San Antonio Highlands Class of 1979 Alumni Association

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San Antonio Highlands High School Class of 1979 Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is a registered non-profit corporation of the State of Texas.

2005 Officers:
President - Sheryl Campbell
Vice Pres. - Paul Blanchard
Secretary - Karen Toucheck
Treasure - Sharon Persky-Miller

Membership Drive.....
The founding member drive will continue through April 5, 2005. Founding members will receive a Lifetime membership for $20.00. After April 5, 2005 all new members will pay a yearly membership.

Membership Benefits......
Some of the membership benefits include: 10% discount on Alumni Reunion fees, quarterly news letter, Book Scholarships for members children, flowers for funerals of deceased alumni, voting rights.

Join Today.....
To join, please e-mail your name and mailing address to williamlee@highlandsowls.com. You will be mailed a membership application. Just fill out the form and send it back in with your check for $20.00 payable to: Highlands Class of 1979.

Alumni Members
(Founding Lifetime Members - *)
Sheryl  "Soup" Campbell *
Michael Carver *
Dawn Casanova (Fry) *
Mike Cuellar *
Toni  Dietz (San Miguel) *
Kevin K. Drennan *
William "Bill" Lee *
Donnie Legnon *
Charles Minica *
Richard Reyna *
Robbie Robertson *
Ricky Schroat *
Paul Blanchard *
Karen Toucheck *
Victor D. Williams *
Sharon Miller (Persky) *
Leon Morris *
Cliff Dominguez *
Aaron Demerson *
Aleta Partridge-Worden *
Larry Glass*
Holly Culver-Retzloff*
Mike Whitaker*
Melody Barta-Popham*
Joan Stephens*
Eddie Gonzales*
Rick Ramirez*
Stephen Helterbridal*
Cynthia DeSalme-Ormsby*
Sergio M. Corrales*
Brice Moczygemba*
Sharon Sutton*
Karen Fater-Gottfried*
Johnny Dominguez*
Katherine E. Noll*
Kathleen Pieprzica-Haechten*
McKinley B. Floyd, Jr.*
Mary Ann F. Gonzalez*
Anita Arbizu-Richbourg*
Kathy Turpen-Bonnema*
Nancy Erfurth-Kalinoski*
Robert G. Neugebauer*
Catherine Reinhard-Pollok*
Tony Valentino*
Teresa Garcia-Hinojosa*

The Alumni Association will hold 1 to 2 fund raisers a year tfor the association. Funds will be donated to different organizations within the Highlands High School activities. 

Join The Alumni Association Today

San Antonio, Texas